This winters hottest ticket fragrance for perfumes has definitely been Patchouli, with fragrances like Tom Ford’s ‘Patchouli Absolu’ and Le Labo’s ‘Patchouli 24’ this will be one of the biggest notes for the first part of 2016.

We never match fragrances as it is impossible to duplicate a masterful creation, but we do take inspiration from some of these scents and the artistry involved within them.


Le Labo – Patchouli 24

As per usual, Le Labo turns expectations on their heads with this fragrance.  Instead of being struck by the initial smell of Patchouli, this fragrance is quite leathery with a hint of smoke and Vanilla.

Patchouli, Leather, Amber, Vanilla

Tom Ford – Patchouli Absolu

This is an amazing complex Parfum with 3 versions of Patchouli making up it’s core – Patchouli Couer, Patchouli Oil, and Clearwood.  It has Bay Leaves, Rosemary, and Oakmoss as top notes with the rest of it’s base and mid made up by Leather, Musk, and Amber.